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ShopRite is a chain of cooperative supermarkets that you'll find across the Northeast.

All about ShopRite

ShopRite, which you may also see called ShopRite Supermarkets, Shop-Rite, or Shop Rite, is a chain of co-op style supermarkets that you'll find in lots of the states in the Northeast. They're the largest food retailer in some of the states in the area. You can shop for your groceries either at your local ShopRite location or on their online store at They do home delivery, so you can order everything from the comfort of your own home. 

If you'd like to make sure you always know about when ShopRite coupons are on offer, make sure to add them to your favorite stores here on You can also join their Price Plus Club, which offers you discounts and exclusive offers only for members at ShopRite locations. 

The history of ShopRite

ShopRite was founded in 1946 by a sales rep from Del Monte Foods. Independent grocers were complaining that they weren't getting good prices when they bought whoelsale - so the rep suggested they buy together as a cooperative. That's how ShopRite was formed, though it didn't get its name until 1951. 

Within 10 years, they had 70 members and made over $100 million annually. Today, they have nearly 300 stores under the Wakefern Food Corporation. Because they're a cooperative, the stores don't have any set layout or design, so a lot of them look quite different from each other!

What's in a name? ShopRite's slogans change over the years

Like many stores ShopRite's slogan has changed quite a bit over the years to keep up with the changing times. They've had lots of different slogans throughout the decades. 

One of their first ones was "Why pay more? Shop at a ShopRite store!" In the 1970s, two new slogans were introduced: "Hey Mom, what's for dinner? ShopRite has the answer!" and "ShopRite does the Can Can, selling lots of brands." The Can Can slogan is actually still used today!

The 1980s saw the arrival of "ShopRite does it right", which was later modified to "We save you (more) money! ShopRite does it right!".

In 1994, they introduced "ShopRite and alaways save." Two years later, they had "What's for dinner? ShopRite has the answer!" In 1999, they used "Always fresh...always for less!"

The 2000s had a few new slogans, too, like "One place. your place", "It makes a difference where you shop", and "We're all about food. We're all about savings. We're all about you." The third one is their current slogan!