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Something you might be interested in about Meijer ...

Meijer is a chain of supercenters that originally started out as a supermarket, but now sell just about everything under the sun.

All about Meijer

Meijer is a line of supercenters, which means that they're serioulsy big stores that have all kinds of stuff to buy. A typical Meijer location will generaly have one side dedicated to a supermarket and a merchandise section on the other side. You'll also be able to grab a bit to eat while shop, as most have cafés, and some have their own Subways or Starbucks inside as well. The store's official line is that they're a chain of grocery stores that added general merchandise. 

To get the very best Meijer discounts, you can sign up for the mPerks card, which you can get either online or in store at a Meijer's near you (to find one, just use the store locator on their website, meijer.com). Although they no longer offer the double coupon program, lots of locations will let you use competitor's coupons and let you combine manufacturer and store coupons to make sure you get the very lowest prices.

The history of Meijer

Meijer's unusual name comes from its founder's last name. He was called Hendrik Meijer, and he was an immigrant from the Netherlands, which explains the spelling. He was originally a barber, but when the Great Depression hit he switched to the grocery business. 

It turned out to be a great decision, and he was good at focusing on new trends in stores like having shopping cards and self-service shopping, as well as offering low prices. Today, there are 224 Meijer stores in 6 states. 

All the services Meijer has offered over the years

Part of what makes Meijer different is that they offer so many different producst at their stores. They started out by adding a regular merchandise section to a grocery store, but they've added so much more than just that over the years. Your typical Meijer today may have a gas station with its own convenience store, plus a café and maybe a Starbucks or Subway inside, too. 

But in the past, shoppers could have bought products from a pharmacy or a warehouse club store (this shut down because of stiff competition). They could have gotten their hair cut at the barber salon, or gotten a manicure at the nail salon.

And after that, they could have picked up a meal at the fast food place Thrifty's Kitchen, or maybe your location had a McDonald's with a balcony seating area.