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If you are looking for the biggest Aldi discounts you are in the right place. Here on Tiendeo, we have all the catalogues so you won't miss out on any online promotions from Aldi or any other shops in the Discount Stores category in your city. There are currently 3 Aldi catalogues on Tiendeo. Browse the latest Aldi catalogue "Aldi Special Buys" valid from from 17/7 to until 23/7 and start saving now!

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Aldi, all the offers at your fingertips

Aldi is a global discount supermarket chain growing fast in the US. It's a great place to go grocery shopping at low prices.

All about Aldi

Even though most of its business is done in Germany, Aldi is known as a global discount supermarket chain. With a presence in the States, it’s a perfect store to do all your grocery shopping and many common household items. On there website they also have an extensive recipe page that has great ideas for every meal of the day, desserts, snacks, smoothies, and other delicious drinks. 

Each season brings a new catalog that shows all the new products, and new prices, that Aldi has in store. They also publish a weekly ad and have special deals on various dates every month. Shop on tiendeo.us to take advantage on all the awesome offers that’ll put extra money in your pocket but still keep your family full and healthy!

The history of Aldi 

Aldi was founded in Germany by the Albrecht family in 1961. It's the world's first discount retailer! The idea was based around offering high quality at afforable prices. 

Aldi started expanding internatinoally in 1967 with Austria, followed by the Netherlands a few years later. Their first location in the United States opened in 1976 and was located in Iowa. 

Expect to see lots more Aldi locations in the near future. In the past decade, the chain has doubled in size and shows no sign of slowing down! There are over 10,000 Aldis worldwide. 

What does Aldi mean? 

Like most brands, Aldi's name has a meaning before it - but you'd probably never guess where this one came from! 

Aldi is an abbreviation for Albrecht Diskont (Albrecht Discount). Albrecht is the last name of the brothers who founded the store, and "diskont" refers to their practice of discounting 

But then things get a bit more complicated. In Germany you'll find Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud. Although the names just mean Aldi North and Aldi South, they aren't two divisions of the same company. Instead, each operates independently and they are legally separate. Still, both names are often present on brands and on contracts, so they often look like one brand, though they are two. 

Both the Nord and Sud brands are present in the United States, although you may not have realized it. Aldi Sud runs the Aldi supermarkets, while Aldi Nord runs...Trader Joe's!