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JPMorgan Chase is an international banking company.

All about JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase is one of the biggest banks in the world. Its headquarters are in New York City, though it provides services to its customers all around the world. It's the biggest bank in the U.S., and hte third biggest bank in the world if you count by total assets. If you go by market capitalization instead, it's the world's biggest bank! That translates to lots of customers who use  JPMorgan Chase for their everyday banking needs as well as more specific requirements. 

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The history of  JPMorgan Chase 

JPMorgan Chase is actually made up of several banks that were combined in 1996 - J.P. Morgan & Co., Chase Manhattan Bank, Washington Mutual, Bear Stearns, and Bank One. Its roots go bak to the Bank of the Manhattan Company, which was founded on September 1, 1799. Its headquarters are at 270 Park Avenue in New York City.

A few fun facts you (probably) didn't know about  JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase is a well known name in banking for customers all over the world, and it's the biggest bank in the U.S. There are lots of people who know it as a great place to get their banking done, but we bet you didn't know all these fun facts about the company!

First of all, it controls more than $24 trillion of assets belonging to its clients. They have another $2.5 trillion in other kinds of accounts. The bank is a universal bank, and has divisions for both investment banking and commerical banking. Some of the world's most important people have their bank accounts here. 

The bank is named after banker John Pierpont Morgan, who was a powerful banker who financed projects like railways, General Electric, and more. The bank was really important during both WWI, when it helped arrange foreign loans. 

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