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Charles Schwab is a company that can take care of all your banking and brokerage needs.

All about Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab provides services in brokering and banking for their clients. The company has been awarded many prizes for its work, such as the "Highest in Investor Satisfaction with Full Service Brokerage Firms." One of the things that makes their company different is that Charles Schwab promsies to give customers "a relationship on your terms", meaning they have a team of advisors who can support you as you make your investment choices. 

If you go to their official website,, you can find more detailed information about the services they offer. You can also chat online with a representative, find a consultant, or find a local Charles Schwab brand location near you. If you need more assistance, give them a call at 866-855-9102. And don't forget to add them to your favorite stores on Tiendeo!

The history of Charles Schwab

The corporation was indeed founded by a man named Charles Schwab, alon gwith two partners. It started out with an investment newsletter in 1963, which was called Investment Indicators. This was incorporated as a firm called First Commander Corporation in 1971 and also added brokerage services. 

When Schwab bought all the stock from this company, he changed its name to Charles Schwab & Co. He opened his first branch in 1975, and had discount brokerage services for his clients. Shortly afterwards he added seminars to help clients with their financial needs. 

Charles Schwab finds a way to make their ads memorable

It's probably a little bit hard to come up with a cute and fun marketing campaign for something like a banking and brokerage firm. How many banking commercials do you remember from the past few years? If you do remember some, then it's likely that Charles Schwab ads are some of them. 

They ran a series of very successful TV commercials that had the catchy slogan "Talk to Chuck." They were actually later expanded to include onlie ads, billboards, print ads, and ads in local Charles Schwab branches. 

Because they had a short, memorable phrase, the ads were a huge success. They also did a good job of making Charles Schwab sound personal, rather than a faceless company. 

On top of that, the ads, which started running in 2005, helped provide a distinction between Charles Schwab and the negative image that big Wall Street firms had. 

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