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Something you might be interested in about Denny's ...

Denny's is an all-American diner famous for its breakfasts.

All about Denny's

Denny's is an American chain of casual diner style restaurants. They're open 24 hours a day and serve all meals. They also don't close on holidays or at night, unless the law in the area requires them to do so. Although the most recognizable Denny's are styled like a 1950s diner, not all of them look like this. With locations in many differnet countries, the menu is often adapted to local tastes and palates. Their most famous offers are their Grand Slam breakfasts, with the option to build your own plate with the items you like best. 

For people who love to eat at Denny's, you can join the Denny's Loyalty Program. That means you'll earn rewards for dining at the restaurant and get acess to spceial perks. They even have their own Denny's app that you can download to get all the latest news about Denny's in the palm of your hand. Don't forget to add Denny's to your favorites right here on Tiendeo either, so we can keep you updated about all the latest Denny's coupons and special offers!

The history of Denny's 

Did you know that Denny's was actually started out as a donut store? It was actually called Danny's Donuts (not Denny's). The concept changed a year later to being a coffee shop, and from then on it started operating 24 hours. The name was changed because there was a similar chain called Coffee Dan's. 

A few fun facts about Denny's 

If you love eating at Denny's, chances are you're very familiar with these restaurants. But there are lots of fun facts that you might not have known about the restaurants! 

For instance, did you know that Denny's is the fourth name they've come up with? It was originally Danny's Donuts, then Danny's Coffee Shops, then Denny's Coffee Shops and finally just Denny's. 

They gave out free Grand Slams to people who came in on the day of the Super Bowl. if people came in anytime before 6 a.m. and 2 p.m. 2 million different Grand Slams were served! 

The restaurants are famously open 24/7. That means that a lot of them didn't have locks, or they didn't have locks that worked. They only found out about it when they decided to close for Christmas one year. Oops! 

Denny's released a special menu for each Hobbit movie.