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Vans is mainly known for their shoes, but they also have clothing and accessories, all with their signature sporty vibe.

All about Vans

Vans is one of the most recognizable shoe brands in the world, and it's got a strong association with sporty activites like skateboarding and surfing (even though we're pretty sure you don't need to wear shoes to surf!). They also sponsor the Vans Warped Tour rock festival, further cementing their image as a cool brand. 

Apart from great deals on Vans shoes, you can also find clothing for men, women, and kids (especially their popular Vans t-shirts and hoodies), socks to wear along with your shoes, and hats and backpacks to top your look off. You can get Vans coupons if you sign up for their newsletter to get special offers. Or, you can stay right here and get all the latest Vans discounts right here! 

The history of Vans

Vans might be one of the top shoe brands in the world today, but they had a rocky start to their first day in business. it was opened by four guys (two of them brothers) in 1966 in southern California. They made the shoes and sold them themselves. For their first day in business, they displayed three different style of deck shoes and sold twelve pairs.

Not bad, right? Well, they had only made the display models! The boxes on the racks in the store were empty. The guys took the orders and ran out to get the shoes made that afternoon. 

When the customers came back to get their shoes, they had one more snag. They didn't have enough cash to give out change, so they have everyone the shoes and asked them to come back to pay the next day. All 12 shoppers did!

Vans gives skaters skate parks - for free! 

Vans is well-known for being a popular brand amongst skateboarders, and they have a tight relationship with the skateboarding community. First of all, they sponsor lots of actvities and athletes who do skateboarding, as well as other action sports like BMX, motocross, snowboarding, and surfing. 

But one of the nicest things the company has done for the everyday skater is to open a handful of public skate parks - totally for free! 

The first one they built is in Orange, California. It's 20,000 square feet of a course with a 12-foot deep Combi pool, ramps, and more. It was given a fresh update just a few years ago. You can find it at the Outlets of Orange shopping center. 

They built another one in Huntington Beach, which is free and opent o the public. It's got a giant skate plaza and a bowl. It's open all week long, so there are always skaters there! 

The third one is in London, and it's in the Old Vic Tunnels. 

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