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Tiffany & Company is a luxury jewelry company that sells all kinds of beautiful accessories.

All about Tiffany & Co. 

You know you're getting something special if you see one of Tiffany & Co's robin egg blue boxes warpped up. This store is most famous for its luxury jewelry, particularly diamonds, though it also sells things like china and crystal goods, accessories, leather goods, fragrances, water bottles, stationery, and more. Their most famous products, though, are still their beautiful jewels. 

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The history of Tiffany & Co. 

Tiffany was founded by two men: Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young. That was back in the year 1837, and then it was focused on selling fancy goods and stationery. The original name ewas "Tiffany, Young, and Ellis", but in 1853 Tiffany took control of the company, changing the name to "Tiffany & Company" and deciding to focus mainly on jewelry. 

Today, it's one of the best-known jewlery brands in the world and well recognized for its luxury goods. 

Somebody with a very famous dad works at Tiffany

Tiffany & Co. has a host of jewlery designers who sometimes become famous because of their iconic designs they create while working with the brand. There's Clara Driscoll, who headed the department that created the colorful Tiffany lamps that would go on to become real collectors' items. She was also behind the designs of more than 30 of them. 

Another great example is Jean Schulumberger, a French jewelry designer who was inspired by nature to create pieces for everyone from Hollywood royalty like Greta Garbo to political royalty like Jackie Kennedy to actual royalty. He also mounted the Tiffany Diamond, a large yellow diamond, in a brooch called "Bird on a Rock". 

Today, there's one name that might stand out to you amongst the store's designers: Paloma Picasso. Yes, that Picasso! Paloma is his youngest daughter, and she's featured in many of her paintings (Paloma in Blue and Paloma With an Orange, for instance). 

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