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The Cheesecake Factory is famous for its huge menu - and huge portions, too!

All about The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory is a chain of restaurants taht sell just about all kinds of food, from the cheesecakes the restaursnts are named after to soups and salads to sandwiches and burgers to chicken and fish to pasta and beyond. There are dishes with an Asian touch, dishes with Mexican touch, dishes with an Italian touch...basically, anybody should be able to find something to eat from the Cheesecake Factory menu. 

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The history of The Cheesecake Factory

Evelyn Overton founded the Cheesecake Factory in 1978 in Los Angeles, California, but she had actually had a cheesecake shop previously in the 1950s. She shut down her shop to raise her children, but still made cakes in her home kitchen and sold them to local restaurants. When Evelyn and her husband Oscar moved to Los Angeles, they opened up a bakery together. 

A few years later, their son David had a restaurant where he sold salads and sandwiches, as well as slices of Evelyn's cheesecakes. By the end of the 1980s, they had three restaurants and were a success. The chain kept growing, and today they even have locations overseas. 

Thrillist has the definitive ranking of all the cheesecakes at The Cheesecake Factory

When it comes time to order cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory - that is, if you still have room for cheesecake after eating one of their massive portions - it can be a bit of an overwhelming decision. There are over 30 different types of cheesecake to choose from. Some websites say there are 33 in total, some say 34, but either way we're talking about a whole lot of cheesecake!

That's why the website Thrillist took it upon themselves to try every single type of cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory to see if they could come up with a ranking for which ones are the best, and which ones probably aren't worth ordering.

Their top 10, in order from 10 and going down are: Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake, 30th Anniversary Chocolate Cake, Lemon Raspberry Cream, Chocolate Tuxedo Cream, Oreo Dream Extreme, Hershey's Chocolate Bar Cheesecake, The Original with Fresh Strawberries, Tiramisu, Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake.....

....and the#1 spot goes to Chris's Outrageous Cheescake (which has chocolate cake, chocolate chip coconut cheesecake, brownie, and  coconut-pecan frosting) 

Click here to see the rest of their ranking! Do you agree? 

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