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TGI Friday's is a chain of casual dining restaurants serving American food.

All about TGI Friday's

TGI Friday's is a chain of casual dining restaurants that serves American cuisine. Their restaurants are decorated with their iconic red stripes and vintage American style. One of the offers that this restaurant is best known for is their Endless Appetizer Special, which gives you free refills on an appetizer of your choice. You can definitely eat a lot for not much money here! Their Jack Daniels burger is also popular, as is their Cajun shrimp and chicken pasta, and their mozzarella sticks. 

You can save money on your next meal at TGI Friday's by joining their TGI Friday's Rewards program, which gives you special perks like free food if you go in an on Friday, discounts, and invitiations to special events. You can also add them to your favorite stores here on Tiendeo so that you're always in the know when there are new TGI Friday's coupons and discounts happening!

The history of TGI Friday's

The very first TGI Friday's restaurant was opened by James Atkins in New York in 1965, and he wanted to open a bar so that he could meet more women! But he didn't like the "guys only" vibe of the bars that were around, and the only other option were exclusive, invite-only cocktail parties. So, the idea for TGI Friday's was born, and it's still a hit today! 

There are TGI Friday's locations in more than sixty countries worldwide. 

Different TGI Friday's throughout the country attracted different crowds

When James Atikins opened up the very first TGI Friday's location, he was hoping to create a place where young singles could meet each other. And that's exactly what happened at his New York restaurant, which quickly had lines down the block of young men and women who were eager to meet each other. 

But as the chain started growing bigger, different locations started to take on their own sort of atmopshere. For instance, the first restaurant that was outside of New York was in Memphis. The bar marketed itslef as having "cheery crowds every day til 3 a.m.", and that's exactly what you'd find there. Bassist of bang Big Star Andy Hummel said "everybody who was the least bit interested in raising hell would be there." 

And at a location in Dallas, there were wild stunts that would happen, like the time two men drove up in an ambulance wearing gorilla suits and ran in to the bar. 

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