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Teavana is a line of teahouses that sells teas from all around the world.

All about Teavana

Teavana is a cahin of teahouses that offers all kinds of different teas. Their teas are divided into categories, including white, blooming white, plain black, flavored and scented black, plain green, flavored and scented green, oolong, pu-erh, rooibos, Yerba Maté, and herbal. If you can't find the type of tea you're looking for, then they also make blends and promote cross-blending different types so you can get just the one you want. They also have a selection of tea products, like kettles, teapots, cups, milk frothers, and more. 

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The history of Teavana

Teavana was founded in 1997 in Atlanta, Georgia by a husband and wife team. They wanted to jump on the trends of coffee and fine wine that were growing in popularity, and thought the same might work for tea. They were right! In 2012, it was bought by Starbucks. 

What are blooming teas, anyway? 

One of Teavana's most popular categories of teas are its "blooming teas". But unless you're a dedicated tea drinker, you might not know exactly what they are. That's why we're here to explain it! A word of caution before we start - you might be feeling thirsty by the end of this. 

Blooming teas are ones where plants and flowers get rolled up by hand into a specific shape. Then, you need a glass teapot. The mixture will be placed at the bottom of the teapot. When you add the water, watch as the rolled-up plants unfurl and start to "bloom" into their true shape. 

Usually, the plants will have been rolled or tied to look as pretty as possible. They're often very colorful and appealing just to look at - and are lovely to drink as well! 

Their mos popular varieties of blooming teas include the Peach Blooming Tea and the Flowering Pinapple Blooming Tea. 

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