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Something you might be interested in about Sonic ...

Sonic Drive-In is a fast food restaurant that's known for its waiters on roller skates that bring their customers food!

All about Sonic

Sonic is a chain of fast food restaurants that's also called Sonic Drive-In. They serve all the staples of a classic fast food menu - burgers and fries, hot dogs and corn dogs, onion rings, slushies, and milkshakes - and there's more! They also have a fun retro touch to their locations, which is having your food delivered by a carhop (a.k.a. a waiter on rollerskates). 

Sonic coupons are often available, so you can get some good discounts on your next meal at the fast food restaurant. You can also download the Sonic app, which makes sure you get the latest news about offers at your local Sonic location. And don't forget we've got all the best deals here for you on Tiendeo.us! 

The history of Sonic

Sonic was founded by Tony N. Smith Sr., who opened a fast food chicken restaurant and then a hot dog and root beer stand. When he realized the hot dog stand was more profitable, he decided to put all his energy into it - and so Sonic was born!

Well, sort of. The name back then was Top Hat. But that name was already trademarked by another company, so Smith had to come up with something else. In 1959, they chose Sonic and the slogan "service with the speed of sound."  Over 60 years later, there are over 3,500 Sonic locations in the United States. 

Sonic's commercials with improv performers are a nationwide hit

One of the reasons that Sonic became well-known across the United States was due to a series of commercials they aired starting in 2004. These ads were often aired even in locations where the closest Sonic was hundreds of miles away! Still, they made quite the impression, even if it was hard for some viewers to find a Sonic near them. 

The ads featured two improv actors, Peter Grosz and T.J. Jagodowski. The ads were such a hit that other improv duos were featured in subsequent commercials, including Katie Rich and Sayjal Joshi, Brian Huskey and Molly Erdman, and Emily Wilson and Tim Baltz. 

The slogans they used the commericals have changed a bit over the years. In recent years, here are a few they've used: "It's Sonic Good", "Sonic's Got It, Others Don't" ,"Even Sweeter After Dark" ,"This Is How You Sonic" ,"Sonic Everywhere" , and "You Guys Wanna Hang Out Sometime"