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Seasons 52 is a grill and wine bar.

All about Seasons 52

Seasons 52 is a fine dining restaurant that offers fresh grill and a wine bar. The ingredients they use are all fresh and seasonal, so there are many light yet delicious items on their menu. Their wine list is also extensive, so no matter what type of wine you enjoy, you'll find a glass to enjoy here. The core menu changes at four different points throughout the year with the season (hence the name). They also have weekly featured dishes, which change every week. All the wines are hand-picked by a master sommelier, so every time you'll go you'll have an excellent and different dining experience. 

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The history of Seasons 52 

The Seasons 52 concept was developed in 2003, and it's been appealing to diners looking for something different ever since. There are around 43 Seasons 52 locations, and the restaurants are headquartered in Orlando, Florida (where they were also founded nearly a decade and a half ago). 

How does Seasons 52 have such a great wine list? 

If you love having a great glass of wine, then you may already know that Seasons 52 has an extensive and well-selected wine list. It's also got lots of options; there are over 100 bottles available, and you can order by the glass of 52 types of the wine! 

The process to get all these great wines is an in-depth one, which is part of the reason the wine list at Seasons 52 is so good. Each wine is hand-picked by the restaurants' master sommelier, George Miliotes. He pays visits to different vineyards throughout the year to select the very best wines for the restaurant. 

The collection of wines comes from all over the world, and includes everything from Spanish tempranillo to unoaked white wine from Napa Valley to red varietals. You can find one to fit any taste, whether you like dry wines or sweeter ones. 

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