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Rue21, all the offers at your fingertips

Rue21 is a discount retailer that sells clothes and accesssories for yougn men and women.

All about Rue21

Rue21, sometimes stylized as rue21, is a fashion retailer that offers trendy clothing for young men and women at discounted prices. They sell everything you need to have a stylin' closet, like tops, jeans, pants, dresses, jewlery, and more. They offer special lines and brands in their stores, inlcuding a plus size line, rueKicks for shoes, ruebleu Swim for swimwear, ruebeauté for beauty products, and rueGuy for men's clothing. 

Rue21 already has low prices, but you can make them even lower if you get lucky and find some Rue21 coupons. Don't forget to check the "Coupons" section of their website, which frequently has deals for both their online store and physical Rue21 locations. Sometimes, an offer to earn rueBUCKS pops up (something like taking $20 of a $40-plus purchase). We've also got all the latest Rue21 discounts here on Tiendeo. 

The history of Rue21

Rue21 was founded in 1970, but it's had a bit of a rocky growth. The original company was called Pennsylvania, Fashions Inc. In 2002, that company filed for bankruptcy, and it underwent an organization process. The company that came out of that was called rue21, and the plan was to expand into markets that weren't currently getting served by the fashion industry. 

The plan worked! In 2009, they had opened their 500th store, and in 2013, they opened their 100th. They have plans for future expansion, as well as adding more offerings to their clothing lines, such as more men's clothing and plus sizes. 

Rue21 is considered one of the top small companies to work for

Every year, Forbes magazine releases lists of the very best companies in the nation, and they have a few different lists. Rue21 made it onto their list of America's Best Small Companies, where it was ranked#9 in the country. Although our definition of a "small company" isn't one that has over 2,300 employees, $822 million in sales, and a market cap of $761 million!

Still, to each his own as they say. 

Rue21 was in good company that year. Here's the complete ranking for the Best Small Companies in 2012, the year Rue21 was on the list, going from#10 to#1: Medifast (a weight loss program), Rue21, Cirrus Logic (semiconductors), Questcor (a biotech company), IEC Electronics, Sturm, Ruger (a gun company), American Public Education, Grand Canyon University, and Solar Winds (a software company). 

The list changes every year, so make sure to check and see who willl make it on to the list this year! 

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