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Panda Express is one of the biggest fast food restaurants in the U.S. and sells Chinese food.

All about Panda Express

Panda Express is a Chinese fast food restaurant that you've almost certainly seen at your local shopping mall! Although the stores were all originally located in mall food courts, they grew so popular that they have stand-alone locations now. There are more than 1,900 Panda Express locations in the United States! 

What should you order at Panda Express? Their most popular options include Orange Chicken, Beijing Beeef, Kung Pao Chicken, Firecracker Chicken, and Teriyaki Chicken. You can order them as a combo with a side of white or fried rice, noodles, or steamed veggies. 

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The history of Panda Express

Panda Expess's parent company is called Panda Inn, which was founded by Master Chef Ming Tsai Cherng, who wanted to bring his home country's cuisine to the United States, along with his son Andrew and Andrew's wife Peggy. Panda Inn was first opened in 1973 in southern California. 

In 1983, the manager of a nearby shopping center invited them to work on creating a fast food version of their cuisine intended for shopping mills. That's how Panda Express was born. In 1997, it opened its first stand-alone restaurant. Today, there are nearly 2,000 Panda Express locations. 

You can literally wear your pride for Panda Express

You know a restaurant has gone seriously big when its customers start wanting to buy clothing and accessories with its branding on! Panda Express has its very own "Swag Shop" on their official website where you can buy all sorts of things to show just how much you love the Chinese fast food restaurant. 

Maybe you want a baseball cap that says "The Original", or perhaps a tote bag covered in a print of their famous orange chicken. You could even buy one of their "Orange You Hungry?" tees that has "Nom" written on the front, with the "O" replaced with a box of orange chicken. To finish off your look, add a pair of "OC Stunner Sunnies" - "OC" being "orange chicken", of course! 

If you'd rather be more subtle, you can download a background of pieces of orange chicken for your phone or tablet for free. 

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