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Oakley is a company that sells sunglasses of all shapes and sizes.

All about Oakley

Oakley is a brand that is best known for their sunglasses and their signature sporty style. It's been around since 1975 and all sorts of people have been spotted wearing Oakley sunglasses. They're especially popular with people who love sports and outdoor activities of all kinds, because they have eyewear specially made for those activities. Of course, they also sell regular sunglasses that are just for protecting your eyes from the sun and looking great in the process! 

You can find out lots more information about Oakley, including store hours, Oakley locations, and places you can buy their sunglasses at their official website, www.oakley.com  You can also often find special seasonal sales, and you might be lucky and shop at a time when there are deals like an Oakley coupon for half off. You can also sign up for their e-mail newsletter list to get access to exclusive offers and discounts. Don't forget to add them to your favorite stores here on Tiendeo either!

The history of Oakley

Did you know that Oakley was founded out of someone's garage? That someone is James Jannard, to be precise. He used $300 and his garage to start selling motorcycle grips in 1975. It wans't until 1980 that he started selling goggles, which he called the O-Frame. They were nearly an instant hit. From there, the rest is history! 

Oakley features athletes on its official blog

Oakley is a brand that has a strong association with being one that's great for athletes. That's been the case pretty much since the brand started out in 1975. The founder, James Jannard, started out selling his products at motocross events and to the BMX community. His first pair of goggles, the O-Frames, took off in the sporting community. 

So it only makes sense that Oakley features lots of different athletes on their blog, which you can find at www.oakley.com/en/blog.  It regularly tells the stories of different types of athletes. 

For instance, you can read about Ryan Dungey, a dirt biker who talks about how having an interesting life outside of dirt biking actually helps him be better at the sport. 

Or you can hear from Mirinida Carfrae, a woman who's won lots of major races but still wants to run better and faster. 

And those are just two of the many athletes on the blog! 

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