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The original fast food giant is world-famous for its burgers and fries. You can find McDonalds locations in 118 different countries.

All about McDonald's

McDonald's is probably one of the best known brands in the entire world. Its signature golden arches are instantly recognizable, as are many of the items on their menu, such as their iconic Big Mac hamburgers. 

McDonald’s generally keeps its prices competitive with others in the fast food restaurant industry, but what makes them stand out is their McDonald’s dollar menu, which has a wide range of offerings for very low prices. McDonald’s coupons are also a great way to save and can often be found right here! You can also find deals on their website. 

The history of McDonald's

McDonald’s was founded in 1940 in San Bernardino, California. It now has restaurants in 119 countries, with more than 35,000 locations and 1.7 million employees. McDonald’s expansion to all their locations is truly an impressive feat. Name a country, and there’s mostly a chain there!

The fast food idea came about when Richard and Maurice McDonald reorganized their business as a hamburger stand in 1948, rather than a traditional restaurant. They were actually inspired by some of the things White Castle, another well-known fast food burger chain, had already been putting into practice. 


It has been said the McDonald’s serves around 68 million customers a day, and it does so in 118 countries and employs over 420,000 people. The McDonalds menus vary from country to country to suit local customers' tastes. Their current headquarters are in Oak Brook, Illinois. 

McDonald’s employees have probably seen some pretty odd things during their time working at the fast food joint, especially if they worked at one of these stores!

In the U.S., an employee was arrested for selling heroin in the Happy Meals.

A woman in the U.S. went to jail for shooting in the drive-thru. The reason? Her burger didn’t have bacon.

In Manchester, England, a woman was fined for entering a McDonald’s on horseback. They’d refused her service in the drive-thru.

In South Africa, a politician spent $1,200 of public money on a piece of artwork, which he tried to disguise as a McDonald’s purchase. The price of the artwork equals about 265 burger combo meals.

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