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Kmart is a discount retailer with a huge range of products. They're known for their "Blue Light Specials", which are randomly announced to shoppers in stores.

All about Kmart

Kmart is the third-biggest of the "big box" style retailers in the U.S. that sell a huge range of products. Some of the most popular things they sell here are Kmart appliances and Kmart bedding. You won’t just find stuff for the inside of your house either, but also things like outdoor furniture, blowup swimming pools, swing sets, and trampolines. Everything you need is here (as well as quite a few things that you don't need but are fun anyway). 

Kmart puts out both weekly general ads and local Kmart ads for you to see what’s available to you in your area, as well as what the local deals are. Find all the information you need right here so you can start shopping right away. 

Kmart became famous for its Blue Light Specials when a blue police light was lit to let shoppers know that a sale was going on in the given department.

The history of Kmart

The company was founded in 1899, and has since grown rapidly to nearly 1,000 stores nationwide. You can also find Kmart locations in Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. They briefly operated in Mexico, Canada, and a few countries in the Middle East. 

It is the third largest discount chain in the world, and has been mentioned many times in movies and television shows because of its popularity (such as Troop Beverly Hills and Rain Man). 

A Kmart employee has been saving tapes of the music played in Kmart stores for over 27 years.

A Kmart employee has been saving tapes of the music played in Kmart stores since 1989. Every week or month, employees would be sent a tape of the music and ads to be played in the store from the corporate headquarters.

Instead of throwing away the old tapes when the new ones arrived, one former Kmart employee decided that they were going to save them. Since then, the tapes have been digitized and are now available online for anyone to listen to.

If you like, you can listen to collections such as “Kmart’s 30th Anniversary Program”, a series of ads for Kmart Pharmacy, or music from a specific week or month.

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