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Something you might be interested in about Hooters ...

Hooters is a chain of restaurants known for its chicken wings and sexy waitresses.

All about Hooters

Hooters is a chain of restaurants that's known for its attractive young waitresses who wear revealing outfits. Oh, and their chicken wings, too. The restaurants serve a menu that includes, apart from chicken wings, burgers and sandwiches, seafood and steak dishes, appetizers, and more. They also sell beer and wine at almost all of their locations, in addition to lots of Hooters merchandise, like t-shirts and sweatshirts. 

If you love eating at Hooters, you can join the HootClub, the restaurant's officialy loyalty program. You can download the app and get points every time you eat at Hooters locations, which you can then use to get special offers, like free appetizers and exclusive rewards. Every eight visits, you'll get something for free. You'll also get free food on your birthday. Don't forget to add Hooters to your favorites here on Tiendeo so you can always get the best offers. 

The history of Hooters

Hooters was founded by six businessesmen in Florida in 1983 and opened on October 4. The very first restaurant was decorated in souvenirs from Waverly, Iowa, where some of the founders were from. It was bought out by Hugh Connerty, and then again by Robert H. Brooks. Brooks took it to over 400 Hooters locations across the world. 

Today, there are not only over 400 Hooters restaurants, but also a Hooters Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada!

What you might not have known about Hooters Girls 

Hooters Girls are part of what makes the restaurant appealing to many of their patrons. They've also attracted some controversy over the years for their skimpy attitire. But you may be wondering - what's it really like to work at one of the Hooters Girls? 

A few of the women who used to work at the restaurant shared their experiences. 

One said that having waitressing experience wasn't really important. Instead, the company hired more based on personality, as well as looks. The reason they can do this is because they're officially hired as "entertainers" rather than waitstaff. 

Every girl has to learn how to draw an owl in ketchup. They also get trained on how to scrunch their uniform socks correctly. 

Once a month, the restaurant has a special themed costume day where all the waitresses have to dress up. They bring their own costumes. 

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