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Hancock Fabrics is a store that sells craft supplies, including fabrics.

All about Hancock Fabrics

Hancock Fabrics is a craft store that specializes in selling fabrics in particular. Althogh you might ahve heard the news that the stores have gone bankrupt and closed down, there's still some good news for shoppers who loved shopping there - they're going to be opening a new online store! That means you'll still be able to find all the craft supplies and fabrics that you need to make all your favorite projects, from fabrics to notions to sewing machines. You'll be able to make anything from quilts to dresses to curtains. 

If you love shopping at Hancocks Fabrics, you may have to wait a while until their online store opens, but you can still add them to your favorite stores right here on Tiendeo so that you'll be in the loop about the news. We'll make sure you have all the best Hancock Fabrics coupons and deals, and they'll be all in one place so you don't have to do any work to collect all the coupons. We'll do it for you! Keep an eye on this space, because there are plenty of deals to be had in the future. 

The history of Hancock Fabrics

Hancock Fabrics was founded in 1957 in Tupelo, Mississippi, and had 185 store locations at the time it went bankrupt. It was officially defunct as of July 27, 2016, although they will be opening an online store soon. 

What's going to happen to Hancock Fabrics? 

Shoppers were shocked to find out that after nearly 60 years of business, Hancock Fabrics was going bankrupt and shutting down. The stores that had been founded by Lawrence D. Hancock were to be no more. 

The announcement that they were going to file for bankruptcy happened on March 21, 2007. Following the announcement, 104 of their locations shut down, and by the following August they were able to emerge from the bankruptcy. 

In 2014, the company was supposed to go private, but the proposal was withdrawn. 

In 2016, Hancock Fabrics was bankrupt once again and its remaining assets were sold to the Great American Group, meaning that their stores were to be closed down and all assets liquidated. 

Later that year, Michaels Stores Inc. announced that they were going to acquire Hancock. As of now, there are plans to open a new online store, but the details about what Michaels will do are still unclear. 

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