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Grocery Outlet is a line of discount supermarkets.

All about Grocery Outlet 

Grocery Outlet is a chain of discount grocery stores that promises "Bargains on Brands you Trust!" That means they have the top brands you'll find at any grocery store - just at lower prices! They do this by having a selection of discount, closeout, and overstock products from other suppliers. They have both name brand items as well as their own private label items. You can get everything you need from baked goods to dairy to frozen and boxed foods to meat and seafood. They even sell beer and wine. 

Are you interested in saving even more money at Grocery Outlet? Then there are a few different things you can do! Start off by adding Grocery Outlet to your favorite stores right here on Tiendeo. That way, you'll always have the latest deals and Grocery Outlet coupons all in one easy to reach place. You can also head on over to their official website, www.groceryoutlet.com, where you can shop the new products in stores and sign up for their e-mail newsletter so you can get access to exclusive savings only for subscribers. 

The history of Grocery Outlet 

Grocery Outlet was founded in 1946 in San Francisco, California by James Read, though back then it ws called Cannery Sales. The store was renamed Grocery Outlet in 1987 after his sons had taken over the company. Today, there are over 265 Grocery Outlet locations. 

How can Grocery Outlet offer its shoppers such low prices? 

If you've ever shopped at Grocery Outlet, then you might have noticed that the prices are quite a bit lower than they are at other supermarkets. And you might have wondered how they're able to offer their shoppers such low prices. After all, wouldn't every store do it if they could? That's why we're going to explain what it is they do. 

First of all, they mostly get their inventory from stuff that other stores don't want. That means things that have been overstocked or closeouts. They also have their own private label groceries. The items are perfectly fine, stores just have too much of them! So you might get stuff like seasonal items that probably won't be sold by a store before the season is over. 

They might also sell products that are past their "best by" dates which are still perfectly safe to eat. 

Other Discount Stores stores in your city

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