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Fry's Electronics is a store that specializes in selling any kind of electronic product you need.

All about Fry's Electronics

Fry's Electronics is a store that specializes in selling all kinds of electronic products, which include computers (both laptops and desktops), computer accessories, cell phones and tablets, audio equipment, televisions and screens, gaming items, and lots more! Whether you're shopping for items you need for your office or you're looking for something just for fun, you'll probably be able to find what you're shopipng for at your local Fry's Electronics location. 

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The history of Fry's Electronics

Fry's Electronics was founded in 1985 by Charles Fry's sons (he's the guy behind the Fry's Supermarkets chain). HIs sons, John, Randy, and David joined with Kathryn Holder (John Fry's former girlfriend) to create an electronics store. Their first location was 20,000 square feet and located in Sunnyvale, California. It sold everything from computer components to magazines to potato chips, and was aimed at Silicon Valley professionals. Today, there are 34 Fry's Electronics locations spread out across nine dfiferent states. 

You might get a surprise if you visit certain Fry's Electronics stores

If you walk into a Fry's Electronics store, you're probably expecting a standard big box store filled with a ton of different electronics products. And in a lot of cases, you'd be right - except for the fact that a handful of their stores are themed!

Let's take their Sunnyvale store for instance (which isn't the same as the original one, just FYI). This store pays homage to Silicon Valley, whose professionals are the ideal customers for their line of stores. 

They also have one in the City of Industry, California, which is themed around the concept of the Industrial Revolution. Their store near the Johnson Space Center in Texas has a space station theme. Shop at their Burbank location, and you'll be greeted by large statues of popular characters from sci fi movies, including Star Wars. 

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