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Dave and Buster's is sort of like a playground for adults, with a restaurant and video arcade that have full bar service.

All about Dave & Buster's

Dave & Buster's is a combination of a restaurant and an arcade for grown ups. That's not to say that kids aren't allowed in - they are, though some locations may require that they leave by 11 p.m. - but this is designed to be a place for adults. You can play the latest video and arcade games, enough spicy wings or juicy steaks at their restaurant, sample the beers and cocktails at the bar, or watch your favorite sports team on their huge big screen TVs with stadium sound. There's lots to do here!

Are you looking to save money at Dave & Buster's? You can sign up for their rewards program, which is totally free and means you'll get emailed all the monthly savings, plus updates about what's new. You'll also earn free game time for spending a certain amount of money at your local Dave & Buster's location. Of course, you can always follow them right here on Tiendeo as well, and we'll make sure you always know the latest Dave & Buster's deals! 

The history of Dave & Buster's

Dave & Buster's really is the combination of two separate places - an entertainment venue owned by Dave, and a restaurant owned by Buster! The two guys had opened their businesses just a few doors away from each other, and they noticed that their customers would often go to both places in a single night. So, they though, why not put them both in a single place? They opened their first store in 1982 and it's been a hit ever since!  

Dave & Buster's supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation

At Dave & Buster's they like to mix things up and do things a little differently, so it's no surprise that their fundraising is also done a little bit differently, too! They work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to give seriously ill children and their families help and make their wishes come true. 

How do they do it? They do three campaigns per year with a different theme to "Share the Power of a Wish" to raise money. One example is the Wish Stars, which guests can buy for $1. If they buy one with $10 of game play time, Dave & Buster's will give them a bonus $10 of game time at a later date. 

Customers can also purchase the Lotsa Loaded Tots, of which $1 also goes to the foundation. Dave & Buster's also gives Power Cards to the kids and their families. 

The results speak for themselves. Dave & Buster's has raised over $5 million for the foundation since 2012!

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