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All about Cold Stone Creamery 

The idea behind Cold Stone Creamery is that it sells ice cream that isn't either the hard packed type like you can buy at the supermarket or the soft serve kind that comes out of a machine. Instead, this is supposed to be a rich, super creamy type of ice cream. You can order your ice cream in sizes ranging from the Kid's Size (3 ounces of ice cream) right up to "Gotta Have It" (a large 12 ounce cup). The ice cream is made in house - did you know that? 

If you love eating ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery, then don't forget to add them to your favorite stores here on Tiendeo. You can also join the My Cold Stone Club, which gives you access to exclusive discounts and coupons. For signing up, you can get two of their "creations" for the price of one, plus coupons, birthday discounts, sneak peeks at new stuff in stores, offers only for members, and the chance to win prizes. There's lots of tasty stuff here!

The history of Cold Stone Creamery 

Cold Stone Creamery was founded by Donald and Susan Sutherland in 1988. The first store ever was lcoated in Tempe, Arizona. In 1995, it opened its first franchise. Today, there are stores throughout the U.S, as well as Asia and the Middle East, South and North America, and Europe.  

Why do Cold Stone employees sing? 

If you've ever bought an ice cream, drink, cake, or pie at a Cold Stone Creamery location, you'll probably know that their employees often burst into song if anybody in the store leaves a tip. 

But the words are changed from the ones you know! They use tunes that everybody recognizes like  "I've Been Working on the Railroad", "Bingo", "Take Me Out to the Ball Game", and so on. But instead of the regular words, what you'll hear are lyrics about Cold Stone Creamery! They might sing something like "This is our Cold Stone song, it's not very long." 

The reason that you'll hear lots of singing employees? There are actually two! Number one: they think it encourages a happy atmosphere in their stores. And number two: it's to encourage their customers to give the employees tips. 

If you don't like singing, you can request that they don't sing when you tip. 

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