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Chili's most famous products may be their baby back ribs, but there are all sorts of great tastes to sample from their menu.

All about Chili's 

Chili's, sometimes called Chili's Grill and Bar, is a chain of American restaurants with a menu that offers options from traditional American fare to creative Tex Mex cuisine. Some of their most popular dishes include their spicy shrimp tacos, the bacon burgers, and their steak dishes. Of course, their baby back ribs are also really popular (you may have seen - or rather heard - the ad). No matter what you like to eat, there are probably more than a few items on the Chili's menu that you'll enjoy!

Would you like to save money on your next trip to Chili's? We hope that's a yes, because we're about to tell you how! First, add Chili's to your favorite retailers here on Tiendeo. Then, make sure you've signed up for the the My Chili's Rewards program, which helps you earn points every time you eat at Chili's. You can use your points to save money on your bill and to take advantage of special offers. 

The history of Chili's 

Chili's opened in 1975 in Dallas, Texas in a coverted post office. The founder, Larry Lavine, had the idea of creating a laid-back but still full service restaurant that would offer its diners a range of hamburgers at a good price point. It was successful, and in under a decade there were an additional 27 restaurants around the area. Today, there are over 1,500 Chili's in 34 different countries. 

Chili's - where have I heard that name before? 

If you've turned on a television in the last 10 years or so, chances are you've seen - or at least heard - the iconic Chili's commerical with the doo-wop quarter. If you know what I'm talking about, sing it with me! "I want my baby back, baby back, baby back..." 

Do you remember it now? The next part is "Chili's baby back ribs", of course, sung at a rising high pitch. The final line "barbecue sauce" brings things back down low.

The song was named the#1 pick on the "10 songs most likely to get stuck in your head", as determined by Advertising Age in 2004. It's definitley one of the most memorable ad jingles in recent years! 

Chili's also has a series of parody ads that feature a restaurant called "P.J. Blands" that serves cardboard food, and another one using a song - "Bar-B-Q" by Stax. 

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