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Boudin Bakery is a chain of bakeries based in San Francisco.

All about Boudin Bakery

Boudin Bakery is a chain of bakeries that's based out of San Francisco. Their signature item that they're best known for is "The Original San Francisco Sourdough", a really delicious sourdough bread. But they have much more than just sourdough on the menu! They also make lots of different breads and desserts, and have an extensive menu in their café that incorporates lots of their best brads. You can get soups, salads, sandwiches, and comfort food favorites like chicken pot pie. Yum!

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The history of Boudin Bakery

Boudin Bakery was founded in 1849 by Isidore Boudin, who came from a family of bakers from France. He used lots of the traditional French techniques to create delicious bread that's still enjoyed by customers today following similar recipes. There are bakery and café locations in California. 

Maybe you've heard of this sourdough bread before...

If you've been reading carefully above, you'll have noticed that we mentioned the Boudin Bakery sourdough bread a few times. That's because it's their signature item, and customers often go home raving about how good the bread is. Maybe they'll even pick up a loaf to take hom themselves! 

Actually, you might have heard of a famous instance of somebody taking home a bag of their sourdough bread - in a popular movie! In Home Alone 3, "the famous San Francisco sourdough bread" is an important element in the story. Remember when Mrs. Hess buys some of the berad to take home? 

She get it in a bag with a French flag design. A group of terrorists use a similar looking bag to smuggle in stolen goods. Of course, the two bags get mixed up. We won't spoil the ending for you though! 

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