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Something you might be interested in about AT&T Wireless ...

AT&T Wireless is one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the United States.

All about AT&T

AT&T is one of the biggest providers of cell phone, landline, and internet services in the United States. They're also the 23rd biggest company in the entire world! Apart from phones and internet, you can also get braodband television services through their DirecTV program. They've also got technical support to make sure your devices are always working and you've got coverage. 

If you're looking to save some money at AT&T, then you should definitely join their customer loyalty program, which is relatively new. It's called AT&T THANKS and is an appreciation program. That means you'll get perks and benefits, as well as access to unique content only for AT&T THANKS members. You can also add them to your favorite stores here on Tiendeo.us so you'll always get updates when there are new AT&T coupons and deals!

The history of AT&T

Over the years, AT&T had formed part of a few different companies. Its origins go back to Alexander Graham Bell's Bell Telephone Company, which it was a subsidiary of. AT&T ended up as the main company for legal reasons. 

But in 1982, AT&T had to divest some of its subsidiaries because it was deemed to have a monopoly on the industry. Since then, it's been purchased by SBC, although they chose to go with the better-known name AT&T. 

You can make long distance phone calls thanks to AT&T

Did you know that AT&T is to thank for long distance phone calls? That's because they were the very first company to offer long distance calling!

How did they do it? They separated out local phone calls from long distance phone calls. This is still something that modern telecommunications companies do today.

When they were part of the Bell Telephone Company, researchers at Bell Labs also invented quite a few other things. In 1948, they made headlines for inventing the transistor, which won them the Nobel Prize for Physics. On top of that, they also invented cellular wireless technology, something just about everybody uses today. 

And the internet works partly because of an electronic switching system also developed at AT&T and installed for the first time in 1965. 

And if that wasn't enough, their inventors also came up with importace advancements in lasers and communication satellites. 

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