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The Fresh Market is a chain of gourmet supermarkets based in North Carolina.

All about The Fresh Market

The Fresh Market is a chain of supermarkets that sets itself apart from the pack with its focus on high quality products. The idea came from the founders looking at the open markets that are popular around Europe. Their idea was to bring hte idea back to the United States in a grocery store format to make your average supermarket into something special. Today, the chain is well known for its high quality products. They've got locations in 27 different states, and have plans to keep on growing. 

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The history of the Fresh Market

The Fresh Market was founded on March 8, 1982. Its founders names are Ray and Beverly Berry. They expanded their store to its current 178 locations, which are spread out across 27 different states in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and East Coast. 

The Fresh Market works with its local communities

There are lots of ways to give back to your local community, and if there's a Fresh Market location near you, then it's easier than ever to participate in community service. All of their stores nationwide help their communities in one way or another. 

One thing that every single store does is provide donatinos to food banks. The most recent figures show that they donated over $20.3 million in a single yaer!

They also support local businesses. Any local business or organization acn contact the Fresh Market's management at their local store and talk to them about how they can work together to make a charitable donation. Their website has simple and easy instructions for how to do so. 

The supermarkets also raise money to help feed people in need. they've rasied over $1 million to date, and each one of those dollars provides ten meals. 

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