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If you are looking for the biggest Microsoft discounts you are in the right place. Here on Tiendeo, we have all the catalogues so you won't miss out on any online promotions from Microsoft or any other shops in the Electronics & Office Supplies category in your city. Sign up to our newsletter to stay informed about new offers from Microsoft and be the first to know about the best offers online. While you wait you can browse the latest catalogues in the Electronics & Office Supplies category such as the Best Buy brochure "Best Buy Outlet" valid from 03/21/2023 to 03/26/2023.

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Microsoft, all the offers at your fingertips

Have you heard of this little computer and software company called Microsoft?

All about Microsoft

Microsoft is a multinational technology company that has produced some of the most widely-used electronics, computers, and software in the world. But they also have a few other things you may not have realized belong to them, too, like the Bing search engine, the Xbox line of video game consoles, MSN internet, and mobile phones. 

Where does the name come from? It's a mix of "microcomputer" and "software". Now you know! 

If you're in the market to buy something as big as a personal computer, there's some good news. If you have a look on their official website, you'll be able to find some great deals on Microsoft computers and laptops. We also collect all the latest Microsoft coupons and offers here on Tiendeo, so you don't have to go anywhere to find a great deal. 

The history of Microsoft

Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, who had been friends since they were kids. They both loved computer programming, so they started their company in 1975. They'd seen a computer in a magazine, and thought taht they could do some programming forit. 

They worked on putting together a demonstration, and it worked so well that the company that made the computer they were inspired by said they'd distribute their product. 

Over the years, Microsoft grew and grew and today it's a giant in the technology world - and in the world in general! They've kept up with changing technology trends and still managed to stay relevant. 

TechTrickle has 10 things you may not know about Microsoft

Microsoft is such a massive company that you probably know at least something about the company (like that Bill Gates is the CEO, for instance). But there are also lots of things that even big fans of Microsoft may not know about. 

Website TechTrickle collected 10 things you may not have known about the technology giant. 

1. The name was originally written as "Micro-Soft". 

2. You know that Microsoft sound it makes when it starts up? That was created by Brian Eno. 

3. The Microsoft Campus cafeteria's best-selling food is pizza. 

4. Products have secret code names for while the company is working on them. 

5. If you work at Microsoft, you're a "softie". 

6. Microsoft celebrates their employees' hire date anniversaries with a pound of M&M. 

7. They're well known for weird interview questions, like "Why are manhole covers round?" 

8. The company is one of the top 5 patent holders in the United States.

9. They own tons of artwork! Their collection has more than 5,000 pieces.

10. The stock has split nine times (which means the price has become too high for a unit).


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