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Going by number of sales, Hertz is the biggest car rental company in the United States!

All about Hertz

Most people probably know Hertz for being the biggest car rental company in the United States in terms of sales. But did you know that they also lease cars to customers? Whether you're leasing or renting, you can choose from a wide selection of some of the best known names in car manufacturing, like Volvo, Ford, and more. Many of their products are from the GM line of vehicles. They also provide luxury cars from Cadillac, Infiniti, and Mercedes. 

When you book a car with Hertz, you just need to provide the location where you want to pick the car up, the dates you want it, and whether or not you're over 25. You can also specify which category of car you want (such as a convertible or an environmentally friendly car). 

if you join the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Program, not only will booking a car be easier and faster, but it will also save you some money. Don't forget to add Hertz to your favorites here on Tiendeo.us so we can keep you updated on all the latest Hertz coupons!

The history of Hertz

The company that would become Hertz was started by a man named Walter L. Jacobs in 1918. He rented out cars from his fleet of Ford Model Ts. Today, Hertz is one of the best-known names in car rentals and employs nearly 30,000 people. 

Hertz used to let you rent real race cars

Have you ever dreamed of driving a luxury race car? Then you're certainly not alone - lots of people would love to drive a high speed car from one of the top car manufacturers in the world! 

And if you were a Hertz customer in the 1960s, then your dream could have come true! For a short period of time, they ran a "rent a racer" program, where you could rent a race car from its fleet that included AMC AMXs, Corvettes, and Jaguar XK-Es. 

But the program was short lived  - because lots of the cars were later found to be missing their high-powered engines! Sneaky customers would swap out the fancy engine for a regular one, and then give the car back to the rental company. Because the cars' engines wouldn't be inspected unless they were serviced, it was imposible to tell which renter had taken the engine. 

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