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Amazon, all the offers at your fingertips

Amazon is an online retailer that sells just about everything under the sun!

All about Amazon

Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world, and they sell a huge range of products. They have separate websites in different countries across the world, and also lets people buy products with interntional shipping, depending on the country they're buying from. You really can find almost anything here, and even better it's often at a really good price. You can buy products directly from Amazon, or get things from the Marketplace, where individual sellers can list their used and new items.

There are often Amazon sales and discounts, and you can see the latest things that are on offer right on their home page. One of their most popular products is the Amazon Kindle e-book, as well as the Amazon Fire tablets. If you do a quick search, you can find Amazon coupons and promo codes online, including lots right here on Tiendeo of course!

The history of Amazon 

Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, who was trying out something he called a "regret minimization framework" - meaning that he was trying to avoid feeling regret in the future for not having gotten into the Internet boom sooner. Well, we think it's safe to say that he probably doesn't feel much regret over his decision to found Amazon!

The company was initially an online bookseller, but started expanding into more sectors over time. Now, it sells all kinds of products for all kinds of shoppers. 

Amazon could have been called something very different

It happens a lot with companies - their founder has an idea for a name, but for some reason or another, it doesn't end up working out. Lots of the biggest and most famous brands today had completely different names when they started out!

Among those is Amazon.com. The largest online retailer in the world could have gone by a very different name is founder Jeff Bezos's lawyer hadn't accidentally misheard the original name. Bezoz, who is the company's CEO today, wanted to call it "Cadabra" (short for "abracadabra"). 

But when he told his lawyer the name idea, the lawyer misheard it as "cadaver" - as in, dead body. Definitely not an appealing name for an online store!

So instead, Bezos came up with Amazon. One reason was to give shoppers the idea of the scale of the store, which was intended to be the biggest bookstore in the world. The other is that website listings were alphabetical back then, so it made sense to show up first.